The Greatest Leadership Of My Father Essay

714 Words Nov 29th, 2014 3 Pages
When I contemplate about the furthermost influential greatest leadership example in my life, the first person I ruminated of was my dad. I imagine many children see their parents as a role model or an example of an exceptional leader; however, not all parents instill the basic foundation that I believe is practical for character building that my father has imparted in me. Growing up as a child was not the silver spoon childhood life. My parents did not make much money, and we did not live in the nicest neighborhood or drive the nicest car. However, despite the obstacles presented before my parents, my father taught me the foundation of what true leadership begins with through strong values, strong work ethics, and the ability to grow in knowledge. The utmost essential aspect of a person is the kind of values they cherish close to their heart, and which values are the most vital to them in their lifestyle. The first principle which was entrenched in me was the significance of integrity, and to always express honesty with him. At an early age, my dad accentuated to me to be honest regards of what kind of mistake was done. Secondly, my father taught me to always find yourself leading and not following behind others. This principle I incorporated in my childhood, and into my adult life, any decision I choose to make is because of my choice and not because of the persuasion of others. In addition, a fervent value I carry is always giving a one hundred and ten percent…

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