The Great Man Theory Leadership Essay

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Sudden act by great man could after the fate of nation Obama’s candidacy as presidential election in the USA made a great impact. Possibility of leader who symbolize the transformation of U.S society. White elites illuminated how Obama as a great man. Leader white elite discussed charismatic Obama in making and changes in social norms in racial progress (Brown, 2011). Change in racial attitudes of U.S American by participation of Obama, he made a turning point which changed future of U.S Americans, not only great mana changes the political landscape, but they bring change in race relationships in U.S.
Great man theory leadership born, not made to widely accepted. Every individual possesses different type of intelligence, energy and moral force. Great man abilities connected with situational forces. Leadership is core to be focused for success of a great is to be explored more to lay great foundation to great man theory (Cawthon, 1996). Anyone can do anything but great man have desires to learn and unless they possess certain talent, will be successful in their attempts to be great leader, leaders are one who is having right stuff. Leadership is a supernatural gift with in, sometime no even learned from someone. Every one born equal but natural and social forces made them to become a leader or a follower. There is unlearning. Untaught difference between leaders and followers. Some extend we came to describe about leadership.
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