The Great Gatsby Selections From The Harlem Renaissance And Samples From Latino Writers

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No one likes to admit they are shy, timid, an introvert, or nervous. I was able to feel all of these wonderful emotions before starting the class. The class description read, “All of the assigned readings have dancing woven through them: The Great Gatsby selections from the Harlem Renaissance and samples from Latino writers. Daily activities include class discussions of readings viewing documentaries and taking dance lessons. The last sentence read, “taking dance lessons.” I felt empathetically for those whose toes I was about to trip over.
Whether one is shy or outgoing, doing something for the first time can be a little out of your comfort zone. Especially if you’re being held in “closed position” by guys in your class you don’t even know. Life is full of awkward moments, and learning to dance with no prior experience, an unfamiliar face, usually means stepping on someone’s toes.
As I hinted earlier, my experience with dance was little to none. I wondered, and worried how I would ever pass a class that involved dance. Many years ago, Nettie’s Dance Class was not for me. I had quit after my second year for a few reasons; I didn’t like the sparkly tutus, and I hated performing in front of many people. It’s kind of funny that many years later I still feel the same way. I also did not enjoy dancing in Phy Ed class in middle school with the boys who had cooties. The homecoming dances/Prom were only cheap entertainment to watch the drama of couples. I honestly realized, I…

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