The Great Gatsby Comparison

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Baz Luhrmann's adaptation that parallels the novel The Great Gatsby’s characters, events, and themes. The Great Gatsby is about a gentleman named Jay Gatsby who is a millionaire, other characters who each play a role in Gatsby’s life. The effectiveness of Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby had brought the scenes, characters, and themes to have a visual representation. The effectiveness of the film to represent the novel The Great Gatsby. The actors who played the characters from the novel, how they fit the character, and how they do not fit. The actor who had the role of Nick Caraway, he was a good fit for the role, and his character seemed different than how Nick is in the novel. He was described to be “boring”, he did not like to party in the novel, and in the film his character seems to like to party. The character who played Jay Gatsby was an amazing choice to use to represent Gatsby, the novel and the film seem to match up to show who Gatsby was, and there were not many differences of how Gatsby was described in the novel and the film. The book, movie both …show more content…
The modern music’s effective in the scene where the song “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey was playing, I felt like that song went perfectly with the scene. The song also sounded like it could’ve been from the 1920’s. I did not feel like the songs by Jay-Z went with the film, it just gave off the impression like it did not belong, and the lyrics were throwing me off, it was not going with the period of the 1920’s. Baz Luhrmann's vision to bring the novel The Great Gatsby to life was shown greatly. The film’s way of representing The Great Gatsby was both and not effective, it parallels the novel enough to know it’s the novel, and it represented everyone’s life like the book described. Although it was not exactly like the book but the movie had many great references to represent

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