Essay on The Great Contributions Of Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin is one of the most significant people in American history. He is not only a founding father; he is also an author, inventor, scientist, and a diplomat. All of these things helped him provide great contributions to the United States history. These contributions include his many different inventions including the glass armonica, bifocals, and of course his most famous invention the lightning rod, which will be discussed more further in. Another one of Franklin’s contributions would be his founding of the first public library. These contributions also include all of the documents, laws, treaties, and bills that he took part in either creating, or discussing. These documents include the Treaty of Paris (1783), and the Declaration of Independence. As mentioned above Benjamin Franklin had created a variety of different inventions and each of these inventions can be considered to be a big contribution to the U.S. in their own way. However, one of his inventions is much more important, and much more iconic than any other. This invention is of course the lightning rod. Franklin spent the entire summer of 1747 by:

Conducting a series of groundbreaking experiments with electricity. He wrote down all of his results and ideas for future experiments in letters to Peter Collinson, a fellow scientist and friend in London who was interested in publishing his work. By July, Ben used the terms positive and negative (plus and minus) to describe electricity, instead of the…

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