The Gospel Of John 's Gospel Essay

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John uses the introduction of his gospel to reflect Jewish wisdom literature. He uses the wisdom literature to emphasize and explain Jesus’ deity as the Son of God. John also explains Jesus’ role in creation at the beginning of the Earth and with His people now. Jesus’s deity is emphasized in the Gospel of John.
The Gospel of John is a Gospel written with the purpose of declaring that Jesus is God. John is, at times, referred to as the Fourth Gospel. John has several unique features though, distinguishing it from the other three Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke), often grouped together as the Synoptic Gospels. While the synoptic Gospels start with a narrative of Jesus coming to Earth as the Messiah, John begins with creation and the existence of Christ before even Earth was created. It is most likely that John wrote this Gospel in Ephesus around the time of 85-90 BC (Beauford 64). John wrote at the request of friends and disciples in Asia Minor.
John probably wrote this Gospel to meet the spiritual needs of a church that had little background in the Old Testament and that was possibly endangered by false teachings (Carson 33). John wanted to empower the witness of the church, lead men to faith in Christ by proving the deity of Christ, present the claims of Jesus, and supplement the Synoptic Gospels.
John 1:1-18 is written as poetry in a chiasm. Chiasms are structured in a repeating A-B-C ... C′-B′-A′ pattern, it is repetition of similar ideas in the reverse sequence to…

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