The Good, The Bad And The Millennial Generation Essay example

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The Good, the Bad, the Millennial Generation “It’s a putrid, stinking, several-months-old-stringy-goat-meat moment to be young Malone 2).” Millennials in United States are a frequently discussed subject due to their actions being the deciding factor of the entire population’s fate. Agreement regarding millennials’ colliding views with previous generations, the terrible quality of their current situation, and their promising outcome suggests that this group is a contradiction within themselves. Millennials are popular for their opposing views in regard to generations before them. To illustrate, expert Noreen Malone informs “A majority of Americans say, for the first time ever, that this generation will not be better off than its parents (2).” The large portion who predicted this outcome includes Baby Boomers and Generation X. These generations see an incoming decline in the nation’s success for a reason. In “The Beat Up Generation” Abby Ellin states “[Millennials] have a different value set on global interconnectedness, the Internet, cell phones, instantly knowing whats going on in the world (Ellin 60). Older age groups criticize millennials for being obsessive over technology and relate this with poor communication. Millennials are in fact finding quicker ways to complete tasks than ever before, but previous generations are not accustomed to this. Another major area of opposition has to do with respect. Experts affirm “To [millennials] respect is something earned, and not…

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