The Goal For The Exploration Stages Of Counseling Essay

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The goal for the Exploration stage in counseling is to build rapport with your client, gather information about the problem at hand and the background of your client, and experience emotion. What we as a counselor hope to accomplish in this stage is to basically build a relationship and trust with our client. Our goals as a counselor in the insight stage is to get our client to see themselves objectively, helping them see the pattern and why they respond to it in a certain way, and make discoveries about yourself. What we hope to accomplish is simply getting the client to the point where they see their problem, why it’s a problem, and that they can change it. In our last stage, the action stage, our goal is to come up with solutions with the client and walk them through the different solutions, and then get them to choose the best outcome for them and put into their daily life. We hope that after this stage our client will be able to solve their problem and be able to eventually overcome whatever problem they might have. As the helper I felt that the most helpful part of our session was when I asked my client to do some problem solving and I asked her to define the problem then let’s work out some solutions that you can try. My client agreed and wrote down some solutions to her problem then we discussed each solution and asked her which would be the best for her and then if she would try it between our next sessions and we would see how it went. My client agreed that…

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