Essay on The Global Perception of Beauty

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Their faces are scattered across our billboards, their flawless figures mesmerize us at halftime of the Superbowl; but at what cost? To the naked eye, the impact of cosmetic advertisement cannot be seen, but magnified under the weight of social scrutiny and the self esteem of millions of women, the significance is undeniable. The depiction of women through popular mass media outlets has a tremendous influence upon global beauty culture, social construction and the personal self-esteem of individual women, worldwide. Society’s dependence upon media constructs our perception of reality on a daily basis, transforming the beauty culture on an international level, while the cosmetic industry profits. On a global scale, only 2% of women …show more content…
Today, the cosmetic industry uses this ancient idealism in identifying proportional representatives displayed in their advertising campaigns. Women containing minor imperfections have the option to suffer regarding their natural structure, or can spend their income to upgrade; allowing the cosmetic advertising industry to thrive. Through the processes of globalization (specifically Americanization) a constant flow of people, technology, media information, big ideas and financial capital, expands at an exponential level. The resulting cultural patterns are passed down, guide our decisions, define normality (or abnormality), are resistant to change and seem natural on an unconscious level. American media moguls use these concepts to spread our assumption of beauty and the rest of the world is lining up (see figure 2). With a continuing integration of markets and assimilation of cultures, nations struggle to hold onto traditional beliefs; as its citizens are perplexed by the Western world and an affluent American lifestyle (Ssenyonga). This cultural homogenization/hybridization has transformed the global beauty culture at the convenience of American corporations, while destroying local cultures, tradition and moral values across the world. The American cosmetic advertising industry, with resemblance to McDonalds and Coca Cola, use Americanization as a Cultural Export; in order

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