The Glass Escalator Creates Its Effect On Women Essay

762 Words Jul 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
More and more men are entering female-dominate professions like nursing, teaching, and social work, trying to balance life with financial stability, job security, family time, and personal life. This is good news for men’s health, family life, and self-preservation, but where does it leave women? In a world full of glass escalators women are watching male counter parts surpass them in job positions and salaries, even in female dominate fields. The glass escalator creates negativity in the workforce but there is a positive; men surpassing women in a female dominate career can be seen as positive because along with influx of men comes higher salaries within those fields. For generations women have stood by the ill and taught the children of our future; they unselfishly gave themselves physically and emotional for minimal salaries in comparison to the work force around them. Men step in to the same work force earning higher salaries and experience quicker promotions than their women coworkers. “’Men that enter female-dominated professions tend to be promoted at faster rates than women in those professions,’ explains Caren Goldberg, Ph.D., an assistant professor of management at American University’s Kogod School of Business who has researched the phenomenon,” (Goudreau). For decades men have been paid higher even if women have equal education. “Corbette and Hill found significant differences between what women and men earn just one year after graduating from college.…

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