The Glass Castle Essay

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Hailey Schwab
Block 3B
Ms. Cyr
The Glass Castle The memoir entitled The Glass Castle, written by Jeannette Walls is a story of the eventful life Jeannette endured growing up with her three siblings and her parents. Jeannette lived a tough life, she was constantly moving, never had nice clothes to wear, and had to grow up faster than most children. The reason for the constant struggles in Jeannette’s life led back to her parents. Her father Rex Walls was outrageous, always making spur of the moment decisions which had taken a toll on the family as a whole. He was a severe alcoholic who made way too many promises he knew he couldn’t keep. Throughout the novel, the idea of the “Glass Castle” appears quite often. The Glass Castle is
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For a while, Rex was sober. However, one night he came home stumbling and very angry. He caused a violent fight with Rose Mary, the mother, in front of the entire family. Jeannette expresses how let down she is when she says, “I didn’t feel like celebrating. After all he’d put himself through, I couldn’t believe Dad had gone back to booze.”(123) this is an example of a time Rex had truly let his favorite daughter down. He had worked hard to get to where he was, and he blew it. Jeannette was so disappointed in her drunken father. Although Rex had let Jeannette down so many times, she still believed in him. Rex had broken a big promise to his daughter, and yet she still had faith in him. Jeannette still wanted to believe that her father would soon give her a life that her and her siblings deserved. Rex knew he had let his daughter down again, but was still hopeful that she would look past it. After the family had lived a good period of their life in Phoenix, they soon moved to where Rex’s parents lived, a small town in West Virginia, called Welch. The family lived with Rex’s parents for a while but they soon moved into a beat up house located on Ninety-three Little Hobart Street. The family lived here for a while, trying to make it feel like home even though it was so far from repair. At their new home Rex had picked a spot in the yard where they would start building the foundation on the Glass Castle. Rex marked it off with stakes and strings and

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