Essay on The Girl You Think I Am

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The Girl You Think I am.

Music has always played a critical role in many people 's lives. Recently, researchers have began to ponder the idea that a person’s music taste may say a lot about them. Music plays a very large role in a person’s personality. Some may say that music creates the person, and some may say that the person chooses the music. I, however agree with those who say music creates the person.
When children are growing up, they are heavily influenced by their surroundings. These surroundings may include the town they live in, their parents economic class, the state they live in, and even what music they listen to. When I was younger, my parents always were listening to country music. In the car, in the house, wherever we went, George, Johnny, or Alan were always there with us. I can remember driving back from our cabin with the windows down, and the smell of summer wafting through the air with “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash and “Troubadour” by George Strait playing in the background. Looking back on these special times, it instills hope in me that one day I may share similar memories with my children.Throughout the years I have learned so many things from country music such as how a lady should be treated and that in the end family is everything, these are just some of the morals that I hope one day my children will learn from listening to country music. Looking at all the different types of music, I know I want my children listening to the music…

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