The Girl Toys And The Girls Essay

906 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
When I walked down the aisles, they were usually separated between boys, girls, and for all genders. You can tell by the color of the aisle. The girl aisle was mostly done in pink and purple. The boy aisle was mostly done with blue and green. I even noticed that the writing on the packages were even different. The girl toys had a more feminine writing and the boy toys were in a bold, manly writing. The girl toys usually had a picture of a girl playing with the toy and with the boy toys they had a little boy playing with it. For both sexes, it was usually in red, sometimes green or yellow. They did not really have a picture of the kids and when they did, it was both genders playing with it. The font on the boxes were different than of the two genders, but they did not have a specific font for them. When I saw them, they had different font styles for each of the non-gender toys. They also had a huge aisle for themselves, but in the other aisles, you were able to notice some toys that were for both sexes. The girl toys were mostly dolls, girl superheroes, babies, barbies, Make-up, baking, and designing things like jewelry, sewing, and friendship things. The boy toys were action figures, cars, trains, drums, guns, building objects, and boy superheroes and their action set. The ones that they were able to play together were play-dough, blocks, kitchen supplies, bubbles, family games, doctor, and bouncing balls. The girl and the boy toys, I feel is preparing what they are…

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