Essay on The General Combined Perception Of New Zealand

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What the general combined perception of New Zealand was as revealed in the Chinese Blogs?
The overall perception of New Zealand was positive amongst the Chinese bloggers. There is a common perception that New Zealand is a ‘paradise’. New Zealand is perceived to be performing well in most of the categories and is catering well to Chinese tourist. The weaknesses in New Zealand’s tourism products and services were in spoken language, self-driving infrastructure and presentation and packaging of souvenirs.
The strengths and weaknesses of New Zealand tourism products and services as revealed through the blog entries
There were many positive comments made by the Chinese bloggers on the different categories in this study. Therefore, there are many strengths New Zealand tourism has to offer to this market. These strengths include the 100% pure campaign, New Zealand’s nature and landscape, the character and personality of New Zealanders, information centre services through i-SITE, and the film assets of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sets.
The 100% pure New Zealand campaign which promotes New Zealand’s natural assets of nature and landscape, people and activities is well received by Chinese bloggers. All of the Chinese bloggers commented on the purity and beauty of New Zealand. Adjectives such as ‘pure’, ‘beautiful’, ‘peaceful’, ‘simple’ were commonly used across the blog entries by all 36 bloggers. Therefore, the New Zealand landscape is a very strong tourism product…

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