The Gender Gap Between Men And Women

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Problem Statement
The purpose of this research was to examine young adults’ attitude and relevancy towards feminist/feminism. This research itself has meaning of exploring general viewpoints towards feminist/feminism from young adults and get to know more about how far the gender equity has achieved until this time. Feminism, as a social movement ideology started from groups of women, has attributed significant progress in women’s right and was successful to bring society’s attention to inequity between men and women since 1900s. Since then, we call women as feminist who are involved with such movements for gender inequity and women’s right. Depending on individual view and understanding of feminism, the title of feminist are used for both
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We accepted every race and gender to reduce bias caused by specific backgrounds of individuals. We limited eligible age of participants from age 20 to 29. We had 11 female participants which outnumbers number of male participants. Difference in gender ratio was structured due to quality of this research since women will stand better as an insider of our topic.
Besides the fact that we never had a women president in our country, women still fall behind of men in many fields. As of 2014, the United States ranked 20 out of 142 countries in gender equality by the World Economic Forum.1 While gender gap between men and women has narrowed, there is still far way to make up for women on political empowerment. The U.S. is holding 32% of positions for female political leaders as of 2014.1 There is also existing disparities among many fields of the U.S. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) provided reports of data and analysis on women’s status in economic, social, and political progress in the 50 states.2 The report states that while women are more likely to obtain college degree, women have higher poverty rate and lower earnings. Based on trend analysis, the life wage gap for college graduated women caused by gender wage gap will be about $800,000. Such disparities are significantly worse in some states like West Virginia, Utah, Louisiana,
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All authors conducted focus group together while I assisted the session as an observer, primarily taking notes of feedback to overall performance of the conductor and atmosphere of the focus group. The conductor asked research related questions with appropriate probes and follow up questions. Most of the questions were clear, short, and open ended. Additional questions were appropriately used to bring up further detailed conversations. When the conversation has ended, about 10 seconds were given by conductor every time to wait for possible response from other participants. The goal of a focus group was well achieved which is to have participants talk to each other, not the conductor. All the interviews were tape recorded and transcribed with every participants’

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