The Gap Between An E Commerce Retail Business Essay

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The gap between an e-commerce retail business and the regular retail store is expanding, and people’s shopping preferences are changing as well. For retail stores, traffic and sales are decreasing, leaving retailers with little choice but to adapt to a changing world of e-commerce. Furthermore, doing business over the internet reduces the cost of products and expands geographical boundaries. The use of the internet will allow us to better promote our products. We will encourage our existing customers to leave their feedback about our products, customer service, and their overall experience. This way we can show our potential customers the way we do business before they purchase an item. With the help of social media, we will be able to get a good word out about our exceptional products and our great customer service. Our customers will also be able to submit a form online to get assistance right away. Another factor is returns. It is important to ensure our customer’s satisfaction by offering a refund or making a redelivery of products. We want to save time and money for our customers, along with providing an exceptional customer service.
Many successful retailers have found additional success and profits by adding complementary products/services to their mix of offerings. Offering complementary products to your customers has many advantages. The most obvious one is having one sale change into two. Customers who have already bought products are more likely to buy another…

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