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Game day. I wake up and that is my first thought. Although it is not the first game of the season, so many emotions are running through me. Western Dubuque is a great team. There is crappy weather coming our way.I need to eat breakfast. Their leading scorer is 2nd in the state for goals. All of these toxic thoughts flooded my mind. One thing I did not know that morning is that I would take the biggest emotional and physical blow later that day. The feeling I get whenever I step on to the field is like riding a bike for the first time or when you ace a test. It is a huge rush that pours over me. I love the atmosphere. I love the feeling of the grass under my cleats. I love the sound of the ball hitting the back of the net. When I walked on the field that day I was ready for the game. I knew in my heart we could be successful. I loved everything about that day until the first blow. A ball nailed me in the head during warmups. I did not see it coming. I turned around for a split second, and suddenly a meteor shot me in the head. It stung for a second, but I did my best to shake it off. The game began and within the first 30 seconds, the other team scored. They scored 3 goals in the first 5 minutes. Although this was not a blow to my head, it still felt like something had hit me. I knew I wanted to do everything I could do even the score or at least get one goal. I tried so hard. I went after every ball. Some of the balls even went to my head. I am sure that was not helping…

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