The Future Of Road Travel Essay

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The Future of Road Travel – The Autonomous Car

The future is here, well almost! Have you every heard of the saying, technology is growing faster and faster everyday? What if you could be able to go on a trip, and never once touch the wheel! Well the future is here! The self-driving car or better known as the autonomous car is a vehicle that is capable of doing everything that our traditional cars do without any help from humans. Autonomous cars use radar, GPS, cameras, and sensors to navigate the roads and highways. There are many positive effects that come with the autonomous car, but every great thing has it downsides! Will the autonomous car be our future?

Autonomous control implies to good performance under certain situations in the environment for an extended amount of time and the ability for the system not to fail. Autonomous meaning having the power for self-government. In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has made a system in which classifies each autonomous car. The scale goes from one to four. One meaning that the driver is completely in control of the car, and four meaning the vehicle performs all safety functions for the entire time in the car, and the driver is not expected to control the vehicle at any time.

Autonomous cars, which are currently being tested use GPS to know their location, are equipped with sensors, laser illuminating detection and radar, high-powered cameras and learning algorithm software to…

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