Essay about The Future Of College Education

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Maria Kaleem
Mr. Trombetta
19th September’ 2016

The Future of College Education: There seems to be something amiss and it requires urgent attention.

Based on the above statement in relation to the future of college the author will in this report discuss at length the two articles and other factors affecting college education.
The reason for this argumentative being if the human race would like to continue being innovative; our approach to college education will need to change soon. There is a lot to be done and that will be mentioned in the course of the argument.
The reason for the concern and urgency is; the first article by Wood, describes changes that have been attempted that could affect pedagogy – teaching style. The second article by the world renowned celloist Yo Yo Ma, describes the perspective of some psychologists in relation to art and learning. The well-presented thoughts enlighten us as to how broad the subject of education can become and probably how complicated resolving the underlying problems could be.
The same reading also raise new questions of their own; art is so broad, so how do we apply art and which aspects of art? On the other hand it is also possible that we may want to ask Wood why he believes pedagogy alone can bring us the change we are all so ardently searching for.
Unfortunately while preparing this argument factors such as time will not allow us to dig as deep as may have been required given the accusatory thesis statement.

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