The French Revolution : An Event That Shows How Hard It Essay

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The French Revolution:
An Event that Shows How Hard it is to Replace a Monarchy with a Short Dictator

The French Revolution began with the Age of Enlightenment, a time when new ideas spreaded throughout Europe about how a government should be run. As well as what freedoms, rights, and protection should be given to people making them equal. With these new concepts floating around, the people of France began to notice some flaws with their government. France had gained a huge debt from funding the American Revolution, the large spendings of Louis XVI, the king of France, and his wife, Marie Antoinette of Austria, and the terrible taxing system.

The struggle came with the social classes. Each of the three classes, or Estates, were taxed differently. The First Estate was the Clergy, religious advisors of the Catholic Church. The second being the Nobles who were rich landowners. The third was made up of peasants and the Bourgeoisie, the middle class of merchants. The First and Second Estates, who rejected enlightened ideas, owned thirty percent of the land yet only made up less than three percent of the population and were barely taxed. The Third Estate had half of their money taken through taxes.

Louis XVI called for a meeting of the Estates General, where each Estate had its representatives to voice their opinion on how to solve France’s economic crisis. However, the Third Estate couldn’t overcome the other two Estates’ decisions and the Third Estate seceded…

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