Reign Of Terror Justified Essay

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The Time of Misery The Reign of Terror was a crucial time during the French Revolution that negatively affected the lives of many. This horrifying period during the French Revolution all began in the year 1792 when former King Louis XVI was executed for treason. The following year, Maximilien Robespierre took control of France through the Committee of Public Safety. From that point on, the country of France went into a time of mourning and brought great suffering among millions. Was the Reign of Terror, a time of depression and tremendous agony, a reasonable act? In the eyes of many, it was not reasonable due to all the effects it brought among the country of France. Therefore it is clear that the Reign of Terror was not justified, because …show more content…
As stated in article A, the "Declaration of the Rights of Man" was made for "the preservation of the natural ... rights of man. These are liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression." While this seems logical, The Reign of Terror took these rights away from every citizen of France. Every citizen was subjected to having these rights, and taking them away is absurd. In fact, many were executed for rejecting Maximilian’s ideals. Further, it is written in Article E that, “On April 6, 1793, [the revolutionary government established] the Committee of Public Safety…. The purpose was to “protect the public safety” from enemies both inside and outside of France. The Committee soon employed a shadowy network of informers and spies to achieve these ends.” In fact, anyone who spoke negatively about the government was executed. This lead to the deaths of up to about 40,000 people, provoked by “ruthless commissions.” As a matter of fact, the guillotine was an inhumane device used by the government that took the lives of thousands of people considered guilty. Article F reads, “The guillotine was regarded as a humane way to execute criminals. It had a sharp, angled blade, which dropped quickly on a guided track.” Although the government considered it humane, a public execution involving a disturbing view of a head being sliced off is not humane. The

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