Compare And Contrast The French Revolution And Chinese Revolution

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Revolutions occur due to political, social, and economic changes being sought after. The French Revolution of 1798 and the Chinese Communist Revolution of 1927 are examples of this. The French Revolution was caused by unequal taxing and the Enlightenment ideas spreading. The Chinese Revolution was caused by the slaughter of a political party and the protection of the peasants by the communists. The two revolutions were similar in that they resulted in execution programs, however France developed a monarchy while China created a communist form of government. Ultimately, the French Revolution accomplished the goals of reform but the Chinese Revolution did not.

In France, unfair taxing of the majority and Enlightenment ideas influenced the
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One comparable result of these revolutions were the execution programs that emerged from them. In France, a program called the Reign of Terror, led by Maximilen Robespierre, had started. The purpose of this program was to institute a policy of fear or terror in those who dared to counter revolt. Although this began as a period of trials against those who seemed to oppose the revolution, it quickly altered into morbid confrontations where those accused were not allowed to defend themselves. Many were killed through the use of guillotine, an execution method of beheading. The Reign of Terror caused the citizens to be fearful of their government, and ultimately caused instability in France. The most similar program China had to this was the Cultural Revolution led by Mao Zedong in 1966. At an attempt to encourage socialism and criticise academic authorities, most high school and college level boys dropped out to enforce these new ideas. These boys created their own group named the “Red Guards” and their enforcement eventually turned into execution of anyone who opposed the ideas, very similar to the Reign of Terror in France. Like France, the Cultural Revolution created an unrest Chinese society. A major difference in the outcomes of the French Revolution and the Chinese Communist Revolution was the effectiveness of the leaders that rose to power afterward. In France, a man named Napoleon Bonaparte became the leader of France, providing stability and the policy of nationalism. After the French Revolution, the nation was very vulnerable to takeover by anyone, so when Bonaparte took charge and conquered much of Europe, he was able to provide them with a very strong army, which strengthened France. Also, he was extremely nationalistic, influencing his people to be proud of their country and unintentionally made them more cooperative as a whole. This situation in France was

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