Three Causes Of The French And French Revolution

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The French Revolution took place in France from 1789-1799. It was a period of time when the people overthrow the government and took over to create a better leadership for the country. The Mexican Revolution for Independence lasted for 11 years from 1810-1821. It was a bloody battle between the Mexican people and people who were loyal to Spain. The French and the Mexican Revolution are similar in that they both were motivated and inspired by Enlightenment ideas. However, they were different in that the outcome of the Mexican Revolution was more victorious than the French Revolution and the French Revolution was more violent than the Mexican Revolution.
One similarity is the causes for both of the revolutions. The three main causes for both of the revolutions are Enlightenment ideas inspiring people, financial crisis, and unfair treatment of social classes. The reason for the financial crisis in France was because of
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The death rate during French revolution were about 40,000. During the reign of terror, the guillotine was made to kill people humanely so Robespierre took that into consideration and killed 40,000 people. Some of the acts of violence that took place during the French Revolution was Great Fear, Storming of Bastille, and Reign of Terror. The amounts of people killed during the Mexican Revolution people were about 1,000. Some of the acts of violence that took place during the Mexican Revolution are Battle of the Monte de Las Cruces, Battle of Medina, and Battle of Puente de Caldera. The forces were made of Indians and Mestizos. For example, “His decision to call the exploited groups to revolution completely changed the character of the revolution, and the movement became a bloody class struggle instead of a shrewd political maneuver.”( Overall, the French Revolution was more violent than the Mexican Revolution because it has more acts of violence and higher death

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