Reign Of Terror Dbq

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In many circumstances when situations aren’t going in your favor, you start to panic and take drastic measures in order to make them do so. This is the circumstance that France found itself in after the first few years of the French Revolution. Desperate times suddenly arose due to a new constitution and other laws being put in place that didn’t mesh with their culture. Due to this situation desperate times also called for desperate measures in which France was forced to take. Thus, the entire Reign of Terror in France began.

The Reign of Terror in France was a period that the community had never seen before. An official definition of the entire period from our textbook is “the period from 1793 to 1794, during which Robespierre’s Committee
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A new Constitution was written and progressive enlightened forums were being written as well. The government was overthrown in the year of 1792. The king was still in prison and wars with Austria and Russia didn’t help either because they cost so much. Thus, the French started executions out of desperate measures and this became known as the French Reign of Terror. To make matters worse the Legislative Assembly was overthrown in August of 1792 and the National Convection came into play replacing the government. This was a “body of several hundred officials elected to devise a new constitution for France and implement on even more radical, revolutionary agenda” (Sailus, n.d.). Although every single one of these new acts played a major role in the Reign of Terror, it actually didn’t fully begin until the Committee of Public Safety was …show more content…
After French armies had succeeded, the Committee started to fall back on regulating emergency economic controls but they furthered the political part of the Reign of Terror. A group of radicals who were in the Convention began to organize a conspiracy which led Robespierre to having belief that many of his supporters had turned their backs on him. They criticized him repeatedly when he attempted to speak at the National Convention in July of 1794. A period had been created, titled Thermidorian reaction and referred back to the beginning of the Revolution. It opposed the radical behaviors of the sans-culotte group that pushed for policies that were in favor of property owners. In the year of 1795 the National Convention got rid of many of their economic controls, let prices increase, and heavily regulated political organizations. Members of the Convention demanded that Robespierre was arrested and killed and the Reign of Terror then ended when he was sent to the guillotine.

The French Reign of terror had the impact on the French Revolution of giving it a bad image due to many new corrupt ways being implemented. It also resulted in the reasonless arrest and execution of many individuals because there were no rules or regulations that classified a person as an enemy of the Committee. The terror also put a fear into the people of French that they couldn’t oppose the terror or revolution

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