Was The Reign Of Terror Justified?

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Was The Reign Of Terror Justified? From 1789 to 1800 a time of revolution took place in France to end monarchy and finally give more power to the people. During the revolution, an era of revolts and many deaths, but also new ideas and extraordinary steps to a much needed government, the era of the Reign of Terror. The bloodiest time in the French Revolution, lead by many people such as Robespierre, an educated man that spoke on the behalf of the people and spread ideas and actions for a better government. This part in the French Revolution will eventually end with the person who started it, Maximilien Robespierre. Although the Reign of Terror had brutal violence, it was justified because of the resistance of the revolution in France, the foreign threats and to protect the public safety inside of France. The Reign of Terror was needed to because of the heavy revolution resistance in France. A map shows the areas of deepest resistance to the revolution in multiple cities in France. The map illustrates that many cities in …show more content…
Robespierre spoke on February 5, 1794 to inspire the crowds of the revolution to eliminate the internal threats, which included spies and anyone who spoke of counter revolutionary thoughts. Robespierre expressed the idea that royalists were not enemies, but simply strangers that needed to be stopped for the safety of everyone. He also speaks of the peaceful times that will come after this happens and after the revolution is over (Doc G). The translation of Robespierre’s speech waters down to by eliminating the spies and royalists, the public would be safer and all threats against the revolution would be abolished inside of France. Unfortunately, Robespierre was too driven by power and fear, he was executed for using his power the wrong way. This proves that the Reign of Terror was a good way to end internal threats inside of

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