Louis Xvi: The Events Leading To The French Revolution

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Did France benefit from Louis XVI execution, or was it just a recipe for disaster? I would argue the effect of Louis XVI, who was the king of France from 1774-1793, ended catastrophically and lead to the downfall of France. Even though one can argue Louis XVI was a traitor to his country, his execution only lead to corruption. The people were lost without a king to follow, and those who were not, were far too radical to lead an entire country successfully. Almost immediately after Louis XVI execution, groups were formed and the country fell into wrong hands several times, leading to disastrous events. One of the key reasons the execution of Louis XVI was a bad idea, was because France ended up under control of several radical groups that …show more content…
One of these events was the dechristinization which lasted an entire year (1793-1794). The dechristinizaton started in secret, and slowly grew. Eventually priests were forced into exile and many were even killed. If there had been a king, this terrible episode could have been prevented and lives could have been saved. Not only did the dechristinization kill people, but it put the people of France in permanent fear. The reign of terror was yet another event that could have been prevent if there were a King. The Reign of terror was mainly started by the Committee of Public Safety, in which Robes Pierre was a big part. Their objective was to prevent people from going against the revolution. People eventually last the right to public trial and any form of legal assistance, which lead to the execution of many people. Last but not least, the thermidorian reaction. Some may argue the thermidorian reaction was good, and that it out an end to the reign of terror. This may be true to some extent, but the long term effects were not worth lessining the power of the Committee of Public Safety, because this lead to the 3rd estate becoming even weaker than they

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