Essay on The Four Types Of Inquiry Research

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Throughout this course, our textbook has addressed multiple topics that are valuable when it comes to teaching social studies. Out of the numerous topics addressed, I have chosen three on which to reflect. I will first address the four types of inquiry research, then the topic of integration, and lastly the themes for integration.
In chapter nine, there is a section regarding the four types of inquiry research. This type of research is important in social studies as it attempts to answer questions by seeking appropriate sources of data, gathering and processing data, making inferences, and reaching conclusions about human behavior. The four types of inquiry research are historical research, descriptive research, survey research, and experimental research. Historical research represents an attempt to put together the pieces of a puzzle known as the past. Historical research is often difficult to acquire accurate knowledge since it deals with events that have already happened. Descriptive research represents the description of human behavior through observation. Groups of people and/or individuals are the researchers’ main data sources. The researcher can gain their data through participant observation, direct observation, indirect observation, or interviewing observation. Survey research is a way of gaining information about groups of people. The researcher is often focused on learning the attitudes, preferences, or opinions held by large numbers of people concerning certain…

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