The Four Characteristics Of Religion Essay

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Religious traditions endeavour to answer life’s enduring questions through the four characteristics of religion: beliefs and believers, sacred texts and writings, ethics and rituals and ceremonies. Religion is the belief in ‘higher unseen powers’ to make sense of the universe mystery’s, obtained through ‘reverence’ and ‘worship’. Religious traditions are living and dynamic through their characteristics, which evolve overtime to societies expectations to nourish and improve the religious tradition. (reference needed). Christianity is one religion that seeks to answers life’s enduring questions, through their characteristics, that have both a transcendent and immanent worldview.

Beliefs and believers is the most important characteristic of a religious tradition, as without a religious ‘community’ a religion cannot have a ‘practical’ or ‘spiritual’ existence. The beliefs of a religion directly affect the ‘mental attitude’ of the believers and ultimately are the foundations of the supernatural understanding of the enduring questions of life. The Nicene Creed is a vital aspect of Christianity as it proclaims their core beliefs that help to grasp the mysteries of the universe. One of the enduring questions of life reside with a supernatural, transcendent and immanent dimension. Christianity is a monotheism religion and therefore believes in one God. The belief in one God is furthered by a transcendent worldview and thus a transcendent God surpasses the materialistic world into a…

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