Religious Traditions

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My project is about attending a worship service different from my own religious tradition, which is Catholic. I chose this project because I want to learn about other religions, other traditions, how they worship and what is involve in their ways of doing things. Experiencing a religion other than mine, will expand my knowledge. I believe that we always learn something new everyday and that we have to be open to receive what life offers by being here in this world that God created. What did I do to fulfill the requirements of my project? Well, I talked to some of my friends that practice other religions than Catholic and I asked them if I could attend to one of their services, and one of my friends responded right away “Yes Oralia, …show more content…
At that time, I could see that everybody had a Bible, except “me.” I asked my friend if this will be a problem, she told me no, because I am a guest and I didn 't know much regarding her Church. She also told me that if I wanted to, she could go and get me one because they keep couple of Bibles at the back of the Church, and I said yes, to please bring me one because I do wanted to live this experience to the fullest and learn as much as I can. This is when I noticed that there was another aspect to consider in experiencing other religions – we Catholics are not required to bring our Bibles every time we go to Mass service, it is optional if we choose to bring one. As soon as the Pastor started explaining the reading he had prepared for that particular Sunday, I noticed that people were underlining or taking notes, and after an hour or so of service, there was pause, someone in the back lowered the lights on the altar, the Pastor stepped aside, a soft music started playing and a dance group walked in front of us, ready to perform. The choir started singing and the dance group started dancing. Again, at my Church, we do have the beautiful, happy songs, even the clapping in some of them, but we do not do the

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