Essay on The Football Hall Of Fame

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The Football Hall of Fame is an honorable place for athletes that have participated, or are currently in the NFL (National Football League). Being in the Hall of Fame would not only make a Football player feel accomplished, but it only makes them do better in life. Furthermore, the Hall of Fame has over 17 different locations in the USA (United States of America).
According to Ray Lewis (Who is a Hall of Famer), he thinks the Hall of Fame is a fantastic place to be inducted to and is a blessing for whomever makes it there. The Football Hall of Fame is only for NFL players that have proved themselves on the field, not only can players be inducted into the Hall of Fame but Coaches can also.( NFL, pro football website)
The Hall of Fame is only for Football player that play for either the AFC or the NFC which means that the player in football can only be elected if they play for an American Team in the NFL. The National Football League committee gets together every year before the Super Bowl to talk about the players that have proved themselves on the field and then they put in their votes and that player a couple weeks later finds out the news. Some of fans around the world think the Hall of Fame is a quite astonishing place to be said by a fan: “This legendary hall of fame was very interesting and informational. It was pretty cool to see actual items used in historical events. If you enHella 1 joy football, it is a must see, plus a great walk through football history.”…

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