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  • Football Hall Of Fame Research Paper

    (History, Hall of Fame) Inside of the Hall of Fame they offer a gift shop store that has a wide variety of merchandise that includes hall of fame products and sports stuff of all of 32 teams in the NFL. (National Football League) The Hall of Fame is not open on Christmas day nor on any other holiday. When walking into the Hall of Fame it is an inspiration and it is quite astonishing because all of the trophies and history that is there. The Hall of Fame offers a bunch of things for people to learn or observe. Extinction has taken many animal species this past year, many animals that have been on this world before anyone and people are ruining their homes. There are over 10,000 types of animals endangered since 2000. (WWF Global, Species) Animals have done nothing wrong except help mother nature out. But its a big hard world out there and new species are discovered every day. (See Fig…

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  • Descriptive Essay On The Nfl Draft Town

    sports spirit was alive and thriving in Grant Park for the second consecutive year in Chicago. Hosting the 81st NFL Draft, Chicago welcomed players, fans and visitors from all the country to show support for their team’s players and partake in various interactive NFL festivities and displays. While the football excitement took the field, the city of Chicago was the real MVP. “As a NFL fan it is pretty cool that we get to host the draft in Chicago,” said NFL Draft attendee and North Carolina…

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  • Why Is American Football Important

    nationally renowned, John Heisman. Although most known for the Heisman trophy which is given to the Nation’s best college player, Heisman contributed other important factors to the game of football. Beginning as a coach for the Georgia Institute of Technology, Heisman was the first paid football coach and led Georgia Tech to one of its most famous wins at 222-0 in 1916 against Tennessee. Heisman’s accomplishments include introducing the center snap and the Heisman or “jump” shift, which came…

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  • Ola Bola Movie Analysis

    MOVIE REVIEW (OLA BOLA) 1.0 SYPNOPSIS Movie that set background in 1970’s, Ola Bola celebrates the unity and courage that inspire a team of Malaysian footballers to rise through all previous situation that story from zero to hero. Inspired by real events, the film showcase, the pride, and passion of a multicultural football team and their struggles to overcome personal and collective hardships. It is at once a powerful exploration of everyday human relationships and of the indomitable spirit…

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  • Essay On Shoring Points

    Vince Lombardi once asked “If it doesn 't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?” Scoring points is a major factor in winning a football game, but stopping the opposing team from scoring helps too. So you might simply ask, just how important is scoring points versus the amount of points that a team allows to be scored on them? Here the correlation between three variables will be examined to come to a consensus of whether the points scored or points allowed correlates with the…

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  • Resilient Qualities

    he would be successful either in the Marines or as a civilian. I took Matthew under my wing and showed him how in the Marines he could attain success. I talked to him about tuition assistance, financial security and about technical training. Those were some of the things that he wanted in order to have a successful career and subsequent life. I still get emails and calls from this young man, so I know I made an impact in his life and I am grateful that I had an opportunity to do that. Vince…

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  • Participation Trophies For Youth Athletes Essay

    The majority of children participate In many extracurricular activities such as soccer, baseball, and dance. At the end of the season, every team has its annual awards night and where the star players would be recognized for their outstanding achievements. Everyone else on the team receives the “glad you tried but you aren 't good enough” trophy. Many children, including myself, fall into this category. As naive little children, many kids do not understand that this is the situation. They…

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  • Summary: Negative Effects Of Participation Trophies

    Negative Effects of Participation Trophies Participation trophies seem like a good idea for young children. To a child who needs a boost of confidence, enticing them with a potential award at the end of Little League season might keep them motivated to attend practices and contribute their talents in games. If handled properly, participation trophies could motivate young children to want to try other new experiences. The problems arise when the children are old enough to realize that…

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  • Participation Rewards Should Not Be Allowed In School

    at the end of the season with participation trophies. Sure, it's nice to get a trophies, that says good job you did your best, but participation trophies can lose their meaning. In life people don't get a award for just showing up. Participation trophies can raise a kids self confidence, they can give kids a wrong message. There are other ways to award kids. In life people don't get a award for just showing up. ''You don’t just get a A+ for showing up for class. Kids can do…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Trophys

    when it comes to trophies, just handing out trophies for almost anything, even just showing up? Are we scared of our kids feeling like losers, so we make everyone a winner? Or could these trophies be an effective way to uplift the kids self-esteem and motivate them to do better? Participation awards can do more damage than not giving a trophy at all. If children or anyone for that matter always receive a trophy regardless of effort or achievement we are teaching them that losing should never…

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