Essay on The Food Choice Of Food Choices

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People make food choices they are subconsciously unaware of. The snack that your little brother eats when he gets home from school or the midnight snack that your mom eats after a long shift at work are all decisions made unconsciously and are not given a second thought. Though food choice varies from person to person, the choices made can impact their life. The food that an individual decides to consume is based off of six defining determinants, dietary recommendations, and can effect their life positively or negatively in the future if the proper approach is taken. There are six factors that determine one’s food choice that are often not considered. Availability is a factor and is based on location and economic status. Depending on where someone is located, their food choice will vary. This also ties into the economic status. The food choice of a person living in an upper class family in America would differ from one living in a developing country who relies on a staple crop. Another aspect is based on culture and family backgrounds. The food choices made in an American household would be different from one in a Filipino household. Social acceptability can be related back to food choices based on culture and family backgrounds. A child may refuse to pack her mother’s Filipino cooking in her lunch box to school because of the fear that the other children would tease her. Personal preference is another factor which is a privilege to have and is not something that everyone…

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