The Focused Population Within The Research Consisted Of 404 Pregnant Women

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The study of the focused population within the research consisted of 404 pregnant women. The subjects are from and located in the inner city. These participants are taken from the study of the private practices used Mount Sinai Hospital located in New York City. Researchers have collected, the results and found that pesticide have been found within the samples that they have obtained from pregnant women and newborns. According to Children’s Health, they have found that household where most of the pregnant women life in uses of pesticide is at nearly 42.2% reported. “When a composite index of indoor pesticide use was calculated on the basis of a positive response to household or exterminator application, fumigation, or pesticide use in common areas, 71.5% were classified as having been potentially exposed.” (Berowitz et al. 2007; Wetmur et al. 2010) The test results used urinary metabolites, TCPy level and in other studies, researchers also used DAP and the four cognitive areas which are working memories, processing speed, verbal comprehension, perception reasoning.
Researcher recomputed the questionnaire that they administer through their participants and find fairly understandable results. When pesticides are found to be used in a household, sociodemographic difference is not significant, therefore plays no part in the exposure. Also, when pesticides are reported to have been used within the household; it stated by the Children’s Heath that neither pesticide was associated…

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