The Five Strategies Of Writing Essay

813 Words Dec 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Over the course of this class we have talked about various styles of writing and strategies to help our writing. In every style of writing you have different strategies that help you along the way. Writing essays has always been hard for me and I love getting any little piece of information to help me as I can. I am going to explain the five strategies that are most important in writing any type of effective essay. Before you even start writing you need to start with brainstorming first, then transitions, grammar, eliminating wordiness, and finally proofreading. Brainstorming is one of the most important things to do, because it is the first thing you do with an essay. With using brainstorming you do not have to write out a whole essay. You can just start by jotting a couple things down to help you get started. Brainstorming helps keep you on topic throughout your essay, because you already have planned out what your going to write about. This is where your going to make your mistakes and erase a couple times, but that is what is is for so it does not happen during your essay. Transitions is another great strategy to think about when writing. Using transitions in your paper from paragraph to paragraph will help you. This keeps your readers knowing where you are going to change paths a little and talk about something else. Transitions can be mostly located at either the beginning or the end of a paragraph. These are used to help keep the flow of the paper as you go…

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