Controversy: It's Worth A Thousand Words

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Writing an essay can be intimidating. There are many steps that you must follow that it can be overwhelming before you can say that you are finished. Moreover, writing takes a long time, which many people do not have. Not to mention the controversy of writing it out by hand or typing it on the computer, which both have their benefits. But do not worry, my extensive online research on writing and the Workload 57 Rhetoric & Handbook will explain how to correctly brainstorm, draft, review, revise, edit, and proofread in detail. Before any writing, it is highly recommended that you start off brainstorming. The goal of brainstorming —prewriting, cluster, outline, whatever you want to call it—is to generate a main idea, produce supporting details, …show more content…
Following the introduction are paragraphs that will consist of supporting examples that encompass your thesis. In each paragraph, there should be a main idea that ties back to the thesis. Additionally, you can organize your paragraphs in chronological, deductive, emphatic, inductive, parallelism, and spatial orders. In chronological order, you present your events in the order in which they occurred. In deductive, you order the examples and details in your body paragraphs from general to specific. In emphatic order, you can order your examples from most important to least important or vice versa. For inductive order, you start off with a very specific supporting sentence and subsequently become less and less specific. In parallelism, you repeat similar phrasing or wording several times in a paragraph. In spatial order, you describe the location or position or arrangement of a person, place, or object in its surroundings. Finally, a conclusion that wraps up your essay with a narrow, specific sentence called the concluding sentence or a paraphrased thesis statement that reflects on what you have written as a whole, giving your essay a sense of unity. Furthermore, do not be afraid to write more. Writing more than

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