The Five Dysfunction Of A Team Book Analysis Essay

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The Five Dysfunction of a Team Book Analysis
The main characters in the book The Five dysfunction of a Team by author Patrick Lencioni are executives at DecisionTech, new company in Silicon Valley. All very successful in their field of expertise, they are unable to lead this new company toward success. Until Kathryn is hired as a CEO and shows them what they are missing. Teamwork. By teaching them how to work as a team she give the startup company chance to succeed.

Rick was general manager at North Florida Holsteins, large dairy farm located in Bell, Florida at the same time I worked there as an international exchange student and later as a full time employee. The organization structure of this farm was very simple. About hundred employees worked in seven departments. Each department had supervisor, who answered to general manager, Rick. Rick answered to the farm owner. At the time I worked there about one hundred employees and 10 – 15 international exchange students took care of approximately 3000 cows, 3000 heifers and 500 bulls. We had veterinarian students from University of Florida coming every week for health checks and pregnancy checks. We run trials for University of Florida and some feed and drug companies. We also had a large embryo transfer program at the farm. The farm owner was always looking for ways to improve his dairy operation and try new things. Mr. Bennink, the farm owner, loved his farm and his cows. Anyone mistreating his animals was fired on…

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