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A guard dog or watch dog (not to be confused with the attack dog) is a dog used to guard against, and watch for unwanted or unexpected people or animals. The dog is discriminating so that it does not annoy or attack familiar people.

This list mentions the 10 breeds that take guarding your home seriously.

Doberman lying-1283356_1280 Contrary to popular belief, the Doberman is a fundamentally gentle and loyal pet dog. He is very attached to his master, so he cannot bear to be separated from him. It is also a defense dog with a courage and extraordinary power. Certainly, it certainly does not fail to protect its territory and its family of criminals.
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It requires a solid education, firm but gently. Well educated, it is a fair and balanced dog, desperate to protect his family. His early socialization is crucial to its acceptance in society, and therefore yours. Dominant, males appreciate little cohabit together.

German shepherd german-shepherd-945748_1280 The German shepherd is a breed of a dog pulling its name from its home country, Germany, where she appeared in the late nineteenth century.

The German Shepherd Dog is a dog of slightly above average size, rather long, strong, and very muscular.

Very cheerful and player, he has a great understanding. He remains loyal and devoted to his owner. Brave and courageous, it is also a protective dog with children. On a loose temperament, it is nevertheless quite lively and domineering. Loving and peaceful nature, he needs to spend each day.

The German shepherd dog is made to live outside even if he loves to come and go freely in the house or in the garden.

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The Labrador is no evidence of any aggression and is not too timid. Canine Central Society described him as gentle, attentive, devoted and playful. Even very patient with children, it should, however, be wary of his player and expansive character with younger because it can hurt unintentionally. Education must be smooth and preferably by the game. He has the instinct of respect and loves the water. The Labrador is capable of understanding up to a hundred words

Rhodesian ridgeback rhodesian-ridgeback-195444_1920 Yes, the dog Rhodesian ridgeback is a breed of dog originally developed in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Today South Africa holds the breed standard and actively pursuing its development in Southern Africa.

The Rhodesian ridgeback is a dog: rustic, solid, enduring and very fast. He is also brave and has a great flair. This dog is a hunter of wild beasts who works in packs.

Aloof with strangers, it is used as dog deterrent and safe custody. Quiet, seldom barking, it can be the affectionate and good companion. It needs a rigorous education.

This breed does not like cold and damp and really blossom when the

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