The First Year College Student Essay

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Since the fifth grade, I have been told that as long as I get good grades in school I will get far in life and all of my hard work will all pay off in the end. I grew up as the golden child of my family managing straight A’s, being captain of the soccer team, as well as a part time job. I never did anything to jeopardize my future and made sure I “crossed all my t’s” and “dotted all my i’s”. Coming off the high of finally graduating high school, my world came crumbling down on July 8, 2014 when I was informed at orientation that there was no possible way for me to attend college that fall. This started the domino-effect of obstacles I had to face to get to the person I am today, a twenty year old first year college student. No one is there to warn you about all the awful side-effects that would result from your parents filing for bankruptcy. No one is there to suggest you save every penny you earn throughout your high school career because for five years, from the moment they sign those papers, your parents are blacklisted from filing for any type of loan meaning you’re left to pay for college completely on your own with no help. People all over the country are faced with having to pay for college on their own, but I guarantee that seldom are faced with this dilemma only a month before school commences. I didn’t have nearly enough saved up to even afford a semester of college and all of a sudden all of my hard work and dreams of becoming a nurse went down the toilet.…

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