The First Two Procedures In The Bining Of Jesus

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Well I actually read from Marthew 5: 21- 48, those are the first two scriptures in the bining of the question. In the first scripture, Jesus was simply telling us that sacrifice is better than giving. He telling us to make pace with eachother before going to the temple of God to either worship or to give gifts at the alter of God. Jesus is telling us that having eachother in heart will lead us in the wrong past. The second scripture, I read was very interesting. The point that Jesus was trying to make was that we as the children of God need to care and love for everyone. We need to show uncontional love to even those who clam to hate us. Jesus was telling us that we should not reward evil with evil. Praying for enemies to die or holping for …show more content…
We need to put us differences away and show eachother the love that Christ thought. Love is the greatest law of all in the bible, and Jesuse was telling us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. He did not say only love your neighbors who share the same believe as you, it’s means to love eachother no matter the sutuiation. For those who have a different believe then ours we still need to show them the love Christ show the church. To make things clear the bible says that our body is the temple of God, meaning that the church is our life. We need to be respectful and care for everyone we come in touch …show more content…
His hands are open waiting for us to repeat and to reconcile with him and get on the right path. He came to redeem us from everything that was lost and dead. He brought hope for us to dwell in the presents of the most high God once more again.

There are many ways people refer to Jesus. Some people call him the son of God, while others call him the savior. To me Christ is a simple man who side on the right side of his father’s thrown making sure we fine. He brought salvation , he restore everything that was dead and lost in me. The coming of God was prophacide by God shortly after the fall.
God created us in his perfect imange in the begin. Adam and Eve were given everything, including the presents of God, which we need to survive. Since, we lost the presents of God in our homes, job, and in evry aspect of our lives. Jesus had to cdie for us, for us to once more florish. He is the one who made the impossible to possible, the man after God’s heart, and the only son of the most high

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