Essay on The First Marking Period Of English 12r

1517 Words Jun 7th, 2015 null Page
Mp1: Senior Writing, Mrs. Donovan
Favorite Assignment: College Essay
In the first marking period of English 12R I learned important skills in terms of reading and writing. This course focused mainly on reading and writing, the first thing that we worked on was how to properly write a college essay, which I think is very important for students to learn how to be successful in writing them. We learned that you have to be creative when writing your college essays and try to add important details that help show what kind of person you are. With the help of a good essay it makes it that easier to get accepted into a college of your choice. Writing this essay in school this year really helped me to get accepted at Alfred State. We also had a fall reading blog where I read I Am a Seal Team Six Warrior. This book was about a Seal Team Six sniper in the military that was part of the black hawk down mission in Swahili. I learned a lot from reading this book and it showed a lot of courage, determination and strength. I really enjoyed reading this book and making book blogs about it helped me understand the book that much more. I believe my favorite assignment was the college essay because I believe it was the most important thing for me to learn how to do this year in English. The college essay topic that I picked which was, Explain a place where you 're most at peace. I liked writing about this topic because I got to write about staying up at my cottage in the summer where…

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