Essay on The First Game Of The Field

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It started with a group of guys that I had played with before and a dream. These guys were not just teammates but they were my friends. The majority of us had a good understanding of the game of soccer and were driven by the passion for it. We were a young and talented team, but the real question was, did we have the heart? Throughout the season we were inconsistent and let events outside of the field effect our game inside the field. In many cases we underestimated teams and ended up losing to them too. However, we managed to leave these events behind and began to work on our future to become a better team. Although we had a rough start to the season, we knew we had a chance if we could get a good start in the playoffs. The decision was made that we were going to give it our best and nothing was going to stop us now. The first game of playoffs came and it was against Wyoming Lee, where a good friend of mine played. Before the game started, tension had been started and I was anxious to play. The referee blowed his whistle which meant that the game had started. First play of the game, I receive a nasty tackle from my friend which showed me it was time to get serious. Although it was at their home, we had more supporters who encouraged us throughout the game. This support helped us mentally which eventually led to our first goal, finally some tension was released. The goal also gave us an increase in confidence which helped out the team across the board. Second…

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