The First Day Of My English Class Essay

1233 Words Sep 9th, 2014 5 Pages
The first day of my English Composition One class has resulted in the formation of four different groups of young minds who have all come together to further their knowledge and better their writing skills. My group, affectionately titled Group Two, consists of two high school students and two eager minds who just graduated from high school themselves. Of the four of us, there is only one boy. I am quite happy with the members of my group, and believe that we will all be able to help one another as the semester continues. As a class assignment, I was assigned to complete the arduous task of learning about each individual member of my group, and then turning the information I received into an essay. Group Two consists of myself, Tylor, Alissa, and Kayla, and I truly believe that I am blessed to be able to work with such interesting people. Tylor is the only male of the group. He’s a hard worker, as he is currently taking multiple college classes while at the same time earning money as an employee. His most recent job hiring was at a local grocery store called Cranford’s Village Pantry. This is where he currently works, though he doesn’t really have a job title as he does nearly everything around the store. Work at Cranford’s can sometimes be dangerous. There was one occasion in which Tylor was hanging signs near a window, and out of nowhere a hoodlum outside shot at the window. To this day, there is a large indention in the glass, accompanied by a small hole where the…

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