Kelly Jones Research Paper

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On July 6th, 2002, the beautiful Kelly Jones was born. Her proud parents, Becky Jones and Kevin Jones love her dearly. Kelly, now 14, living with her two parents and brother, Jacob. One lives with her which is, Jacob, and the other is off at college and his name is David Jones. But, she looks up to Jacob, because he gets all A’s. Kelly is the youngest. Jacob is the middle. David is the oldest.

Kelly was strong yet fearful in her toddler years. When Kelly was only 9 months old she said her first word, “dad.”She would try and dress herself, even if they did not match. When her parents tried to put on her shoes, she kicked and did it herself, even though they were on the wrong feet. Even though Kelly was strong and thought she was independent, she was also very fearful Kelly had a great fear of fireworks. Her mom and dad bought fireworks
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High was the best two years of Kelly's life. Kelly met many new friends in the seventh and eighth grade. She met McKenna Piercy, Alison Zehr, Breanna Owens, and many other wonderful people. One day, Kelly was sitting in study hall, listening to the afternoon announcements, and Sherrin was calling off the students of the month, and as they got to eighth grade, they said ,“...Kelly Jones.” Kelly was so happy, she has never had been student of the month before. But, Kelly's favorite memory, was the summer of eighth grade when she went to Kings Island with Montana. Ever since Kelly was little, she wanted to be a teacher. And she is never going to give up on that dream. But, is she does not become a teacher she wants to become an actress. Kelly wants to graduate high school, and go to a college in Indiana. Kelly wants to stay in Indiana, and be married, and have two kids. Kelly has a few interests. She loves to draw and listen to music in her spare time, or hang out with friends. The best thing to happen to Kelly is meeting her best friend Montana, simply because she loves her and she doesn't know what she would do without

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