Abigail Character Analysis

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Abigail is the protagonist in my story. She is twenty-four years old. She is an American and she grew up in an affluent neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her family has always been well off, but they’ve never led an extravagant lifestyle. Abigail’s parents taught her and her little brother to have a strong work ethic. Abigail excelled in her education and earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Indiana University. When she graduated from college, she moved to Nashville, Indiana where she has lived for several years. She has had lots of part time jobs, but mostly she has worked toward being a successful artist. She is a painter and a potter. Until now, she has managed to survive on her own financially. She is proud that she has not had to …show more content…
She has light brown, long hair that she usually wears down. She has a round face, hooded green eyes, rosy cheeks, and thin lips. She has worn glasses, since she was a little girl. She mostly wears bohemian style and colorful clothes. Abigail has two tattoos on her left arm. She has a dove on her shoulder and a cross on her lower arm.
Abigail loves painting and pottery. She has always been a creative person. She enjoys reading, going out to eat at her favorite café in Nashville, spending time with her artsy friends, and creating art. Abigail’s best quality is her idealism. She always aims to looks at the glass half full, instead of half empty. Her best quality is her boldness. Abigail grow up in the church and a Christian household, so she knows she came depend on God to help her in her times of need. However, like most of us, sometime her sinful nature gets the best of her and she gets in the way of what God is doing in her
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For Abigail the move symbolizes her failure to make a living as an artist. In addition, her external struggle includes physically entering her childhood bedroom, interacting with her immature and younger brother, and coming face to face with her father, Hollis. She is angry about what she discovered in her mother’s old diary and she projects all of that anger and confusion on him. He represents a threat to her. The threat that maybe he isn’t her real father. Her external story is demonstrated in her inability to cook, her big argument with her father, her sibling rivalry with her brother, and her crying in her childhood bedroom.
Abigail’s internal story involves the thoughts and feelings she has about her family and in particular her father. Also, she struggles with the fact that she hasn’t made it in Nashville and she is having to move back into her parent’s house. She doesn’t like having to depend on anyone else.
She struggles because she believes she knows the truth, but she is mistaken. All of her actions externally and her feelings and thoughts internally are motivated by an untruth about her family that she has held onto for so

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