The First Component Of Team Formation Essay

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The book conveys that teamwork is very effective and beneficial for a business to grow. The first component of team formation is building a strong team. It is the leader’s top responsibility is to communicate expectations clearly and accurately to the members. If team members are unclear of the expectation of the goals that the group wants to achieve, they cannot move forward progressively. I work in a school setting in the front office as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). I really like my job. I have a nice office that is in the front office just pass the front desk where the registrar and the principal’s secretary are located. They deal with parents and students throughout the day and at times, the office gets extremely busy. Last year, I faced being pulled from my many duties to help the clear front office of parents and students. However, I have many duties of my own to do. My work environment created events that I consider as hassles. My coworkers in the front office were only concerned with their jobs and their needs. The principal did not support me, as she should have. She was aware of the degree of my responsibilities and the deadlines that exist for turning in reports. She had been notified by the area superintendent that the school’s CFO must be given the time to perform their many duties. This had been on ongoing problem among my colleagues. Nevertheless, I was expected to run out to the front office whenever the front office staff are backed up with visitors.…

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