The First Bell Of The Day Rings Essay

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The first bell of the day rings. I walk to my locker and think to myself “I hope it is going to be a good day” Why am I here this early? I grab my books for my first class of the day, and start towards the classroom. While walking down the hallway I see a bunch of students talking and walking with their friends. I am so glad I have my friends to talk to while making our way to our classes. When I get into the classroom and immediately walk to the table where I sit, I set my books down and I find my friends to talk to before the next bell rings. We five sit at the big table in Ms. Haskens room, we get on our phones checking social media, texting other people back, etc. When the next bell rings we put out phones down and listen to Ms. Hasken. “Good Morning Everyone” At different times multiple people reply back with “Good Morning. She then tells the class what we will be working on for the morning, and hands us a packet. When she asks the class to answer her questions, I am the student who will sit there and wait for someone else to answer because I believe my answer is always wrong. I am this student because I get nervous in class and try to not talk because it is nerve wrecking. I think to myself, what does it really mean to be a student?
1. A person formally engaged in learning, especially one enrolled in a school or college.
2. Any person who studies, investigates, or examines thoughtfully.
According to the Dictionary’s definition of a student is not quite accurate.…

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