The Final Bell Rang Signaling The End Of A Long First Day Essay examples

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Well putting my books in my bag the final bell rang signaling the end of a long first day in school. It was my senior year at J.I. Case high school and I couldn’t wait to have a smoke. When I got outside I noticed most of the usual’s were across the street from the school. Smokers were forced over there sometime during my freshmen year by the principle, “If you’re going to kill yourselves do it off school grounds or I’ll have the police move you!” he would yell. That being the case, it became the hangout for smokers as well as non-smokers alike. Nevertheless, as I was approaching the road to cross I lite a cigarette. I hear a familiar voice say “Over here man.” I looked up to see my friends Eric and Christena looking in my direction; Eric was frantically waving me over as if he was worried I would get caught for smoking on school grounds.
When I move toward their side of the road it was apparent they weren’t looking at me. “You found us,” Eric shouted over my head. Initially confused, I turned to see who his comment was directed towards. No more than four feet behind me was a light skinned Hispanic kid wearing an Adidas jacket, blue jeans, and a backward Adidas ball cap. “This is Stumpy, he just moved to the neighborhood so I told him he could walk with us,” Eric said, knowing we wouldn’t disagree. “Stumpy hey,” I said “Yup!” he replied in a deep voice. “So why do people call you Stumpy?” I asked, “I’m short, round, and brown” he replied jokingly. I knew he would fit in…

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