Making Decisions In The Kite Runner

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One of our major and consent activities is making decisions. There are those decisions that we make from our own choosing, but most of the time they are forced upon us. Good and bad decisions help in shaping our future. Sometimes, though, life puts us into a position where we are forced to make an ultimate decision, one way or another. In the story, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the audience learns about decisions that could impact your life in various ways. Hosseini wrote about the life of an aspiring writer in Afghanistan and his struggle to find inner peace with in him. As the story progresses, we read about various characters who are also struggling to find that inner peace because of the decisions they made in their lifetime. Decision …show more content…
Every little decision we make impacts our lives in various ways. We never know where our decisions will take us in life but somehow it all works out in the end. Although most people focus on how decisions impact their own life, decisions also impact your peers lives. The relationships we have with our peers are just as important as the relationship we have with ourselves. Making decisions with our hearts are the most sincere ones a person can make but decision making using your head could go either way. When we use our head to make decisions we’re doing this to advance, stir up trouble, and also because we become conflicted. The kite runner shows us examples of all three. Hassan makes decisions using his heart since his intentions are always pure, while Amir used to make decisions in his head to stir up trouble when he was a troubled child. Baba shows us how the decisions we make can conflict us until the day we die. Baba made decisions to keep his name in good honor but that decision ultimately broke his heart which led to regret. Every decision we make shapes us into the person we are today, whether we see it or not, the decisions we choose on a daily basis can help or hurt

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