The Kite Runner Courage Analysis

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“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage, you can 't practice any other virtue consistently.” A quote by Maya Angelou. Courage is a recurring theme in Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner”. In my essay, I will be explaining and showing acts of courage by three characters. The characters I will be talking about is Baba, Amir and Hassan.

The first character that shows courage is Baba. We know that in the book, “The Kite Runner”, Baba is portrayed as an extraordinary man. He’s done many remarkable things such as making his own orphanage to help the children on the streets of Kabul, nearly spends his life savings on Amir’s wedding, etc. Along with that, he’s also revealed his courageousness in situations that
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Amir doesn’t reveal any signs of courage early in the book, but as the story progresses, Amir starts to show it. The first sign of his courageousness is when he flew back to Pakistan. Rahim Khan had called Amir and requested that he come visit because Rahim Khan was dying. Flying back to the Kabul of that time was extremely dangerous because of all the shifting control over the city. Having flown back to his homeland, he risked losing his perfectly normal life, and also being permanently separated from his beloved Soraya. The second element that makes Amir courageous is after his arrival in Pakistan, he later ventures into the dangerous streets of Kabul to search for his nephew Sohrab. In doing so, he met his childhood villain; his adversary, Assef. After meeting Assef, he stands up to him for the first time, not backing down, and letting Assef savagely beat him up. This is courageous because again he risked his life, and also stood up to his childhood bully. Generally people would never stand up to any bullies because they fear of getting hurt. But Amir wasn’t one of those people, he stood up to his tormentor. Amir was also able to overcome what Baba said. “A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anyone.” (Khaled 22). These are the reasons why I think Amir is a courageous person. He may not have showed it when he was young, but he was able to turn it around and was able to become a man …show more content…
From his younger years until his death, Hassan had an array of courageous acts. One being his confrontation with Assef and his mindless pawns. On chapter 5, page 39, Hassan unveiled his slingshot and aimed it at Assef, telling them to leave Amir Agha and himself alone. Although Hassan was wielding a weapon, he still stood up to the notorious bully. Previously said, people don’t want to stand up to their bullies, so they often let them do as they please. But Hassan knew that Assef’s intentions were immoral, and he chose to do something about it. Of his many acts, the second showing of his courage was in the situation where Amir framed Hassan of theft so Baba would be infuriated at Hassan’s actions. Hassan knew that Amir set him up, but chose not to expose Amir of his wrong doings. He instead went on with Amir’s plan and took the blame. Even though Baba didn’t get angry at him, he still did not reveal that Amir did it, also alluding his loyalty to Amir. This is courageous because even though he wasn’t the culprit, he still took the blame, and in turn saved Amir from being scolded by his father. The third and final act is his standoff with the Talibans. Taliban officials believed that Hassan is a liar because Hassan claimed that he was watching and protecting the house for Rahim Khan. They ordered him to get out and he had till sundown, but Hassan protested. No matter what, Hassan was going to stay in that house to

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