The Kite Runner Sacrifice Analysis

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Hassan was the key aspect to sacrifice throughout the story. Hassan taught Amir to sacrifice, even if Amir did not acknowledge it until after Hassan had died. Amir demonstrated all that Hassan had taught him by helping Hassan twenty years after he had last seen him by taking Sohrab who was Hassan’s son back to America to raise after Hassan was killed trying to protect Amir and Baba’s home. Baba had to sacrifice his relationship with Hassan wanting to still be respected by his community. The signs of sacrifice through the book are blatant, some of the sacrifices aren’t necessarily for the right reasons. The importance of the sacrifices is that it shows how certain characters grow, and also how some characters aren’t as honorable as they had once seemed. Hassan was the best friend that Amir could have ever wanted. As a child Amir was self absorbed and desperate for his father’s approval. Hassan was the only person in Amir’s life that he didn’t have to put a show on for. …show more content…
He married a woman and finally made peace with his father. Until Rahim Khan called him and told him of Hassan’s son Sohrab who had been orphaned in the midst of the war. Amir sacrificed his life to go to Afghanistan and stand up to his childhood enemy Assef in order to get Sohrab. Although Amir did not die the possibility of it was real. Amir finally put aside his selfishness and embraced the lessons he had learned from Hassan. After Amir got clearance to bring Sohrab back to the states his whole life was different. Instead of Amir and his wife Soraya living on their own they now had a boy with severe issues to take care of. Amir could no longer immerse himself in book, instead he had to try and figure out how to gain Sohrab’s trust. Amir’s sacrifice for Hassan’s son was somewhat of a payback for all of the things Hassan had done for and taught Amir. Amir also felt redemption for his wrongdoing in life by helping

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